Collaborating with Travco

Zawaya is honored to announce its collaboration with one of the biggest leading companies in the tourism trade, Travco Egypt, 15 August 2017, by launching a gigantic project located in Almaza Marsa Matrouh. The project was equipped to cover the need of Travco Egypt in storing hotel supplies in the most efficient way.
After massive planning and conniving effort, Zawaya and Travco Egypt agreed on implementing the heavy Duty storage system, as it was perceived as the most suitable solution that would proficiently cover the company's needs.

Heavy Duty shelving system is the ideal solution for storing ultimate high weighed goods such as steel units, pallet good and electric motors; with an immense capacity of 1 Ton per shelf, Heights of:   (2m up to 8m), Width of:  (2m) and Shelf depth of 90 cm - 100 cm. Heavy duty systems can also be combined with pallet racking to maximize the use of storage density and to ease the process of storing bulky units.

Furthermore, the project enclosed 1200 meter warehouse with 200 heavy duty shelving systems that vary in height between 3 to 4 meters.