Our Latest Work

Zawaya's team is glad to share with you its latest work, which was done for the American University in Cairo (A.U.C). The purpose of the project was to establish a new storage system that would help in organizing and modifying filing structures for the students in the university. The project was agreed to be confirmed and finalized in 15 November 2017.

The Clients agreed on choosing Zawaya Basic storage system, also known as Light Duty Systems. Zawaya Basic is the smartest warehouse shelving system it can be easily customized in different sizes and load capacity to meet all of your needs.  

Light duty shelving systems are perfect for daily needs of storage, such as
stationary rooms, maintenance bays and small warehouses with basic demand for carrying light weighted goods. Light duty bears capacity of 100 kg - 120 kg per shelf, and comes in a variety of heights: (2m - 2.5m - or 3m) depth of: (40cm - 60cm), with shelf widths of 90 cm.
Moreover, the project covered 150 units of Light duty shelving (Zawaya Basic), that were distributed on 3 different rooms with different dimensions, (1st room 5*6 m & 2nd room 6*9 m & 3rd room 10*6) for a total area of 144 meter.