Light Duty shelving system

Light Duty Shelving Systems

Light duty shelving systems are perfect for daily needs of storage, such as stationary rooms, maintenance bays and small warehouses with basic demand for carrying light weighted goods.

Light duty shelving capacity

Light duty bears capacity of 100 kg, and comes in a variety of heights: (2 m -  2.5 m - or 3 m) widths of : (30 cm - 40 cm - 60 cm), with shelf depth of 90 cm.

Light duty shelving Specs

Electrostatic paint for rust resistance and external environment factors protection. The high quality finish of the shelving painting guarantee long lasting life time and high durability.

Pros of light duty shelving

It is durable due to the electrostatic painting finish, and optimum engineering design. That is customized according to your storage space and your needs. 


Zawaya offers for you the smartest warehouse shelving systems. Zawaya’s Shelving Units can be easily customized in different sizes and load capacity to meet all of your needs. Basic Shelving systems are designed in three different types.



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