Supermarket Shelving


Supermarket racking systems

Supermarket Gondola shelving is the most significant piece of shop equipment, not because most products are displayed on the gondola shelves, but because it is used to create the overall store layout by forming the shelving aisles.

Supermarket racking capacity

Different sizes and color can be customized with luxurious appearance and strong surface treatment.

There is adjustable for the level height for the board. and Humanization design upgrade the space of storage and operation.

Supermarket racking specs

Electrostatic paint for rust resistance and external environment factors protection. The high quality finish of the shelving painting guarantee long lasting life time and high durability.

Pros of supermarket racking


Zawaya offers for you the smartest warehouse shelving systems. Zawaya’s Shelving Units can be easily customized in different sizes and load capacity to meet all of your needs. 

Popular design of shelves to exposure your brand of products, with different colors and styles available.